Retail Maintenance

Retail Maintenance

Retail Maintenance

Service Anywhere is a leading nationwide retail maintenance contractor with extensive experience saving clients money on a wide variety of retail maintenance services. We contract with all types and sizes of retail stores across the nation. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality retail maintenance services has never wavered since our founding in 1984. Day after day we deliver consistently high quality retail maintenance to our nationwide customer base.

Customized Services

Every retail maintenance client we work with has its own set of unique needs. We make sure that we understand your business needs in great detail. We become a valued part of your business by handling the retail maintenance services that free you up to focus on your core business. Our core business is retail maintenance. We spend our time staying up on all the latest technology, machinery, and techniques that make our retail maintenance services valuable to your company.

24-hour Availability

We are a 365/24/7 company that is always there when you need us. Retail maintenance is required at all hours. We perform much of our work when your stores are closed or when minimal traffic is present. Scheduled retail maintenance is tricky enough to manage. We also plan for the more difficult aspects of emergency services. Pipes can break, major spills can happen and equipment can fail at all hours of the day or night. Our emergency response programs are in place to make sure your stores stay open regardless of the situation.

Nationwide Maintenance Services

Our retail maintenance services are available nationwide. We are set up to service everything from your corporate headquarters, retail stores and even warehouse and distribution centers. Our wide range of experience is a valuable asset for our customers because they can select one maintenance contractor for not only their retail maintenance but also for just about every maintenance need they have.

Clean Communications

We make things easy on our customers by providing one single contact for all services, at all locations, any time of the day or night. Our staff is well-trained to accommodate the phone call, email or even the fax if you prefer, and handle any retail maintenance issue that arises. Simple and easy to understand billing helps make it easier for you to allocate costs. We don't get in your way when we're cleaning and we don't get in the way of your accounting either!

Careful Hiring Standards

We go to great lengths to hire only the best crew members. Careful screening, testing, training and supervision ensures that our staff is ready, willing and able to perform every retail maintenance service needed. Our project managers and supervisors have years of experience. We know how to manage to get the job done. We don't train people to work hard, we hire hard working people and train them to be experts in their field.

Understanding Your Needs

As we prepare for your retail maintenance work we make sure we have a detailed understanding of your specific requirements. We know the layout, structure and mechanicals in your buildings. We review the details of the work with our crews and supervisory team. We make absolute sure that everyone understands and follows all safety and security measures. We have no problem providing documentation on any of our employees.

Quality Control

At Service Anywhere we inspect what we expect. Our captains make daily, weekly and monthly inspections along with quarterly and annual reviews with your management team to make sure our work is always what you want. These retail maintenance inspections include detailed maintenance records and check lists to ensure that the work is completed to specification. You will of course have input on these inspections and you can be as involved as you like.

Repair and Preventive Maintenance

Equipment repair is a critical part of our retail maintenance services. Our teams repair equipment as quickly as possible, in most cases within 24 hours. We work with local suppliers to ensure that critical parts are on hand with a just-in-time inventory management system for parts. Of course preventive maintenance is a large part of our services. We have found over the years that it saves customers money by having a well managed preventative maintenance program in place. Downtime is expensive. We keep it to an absolute minimum.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

The first thing on our to-do list is always "customer satisfaction." We make sure that our retail maintenance services are timely, high quality and cost-effective. We don't mess around by taking chances with inexperience crews or unproven subcontractors. We do our homework to make sure that you are absolutely thrilled with every aspect of our retail maintenance services. Call us today for a free estimate. Get A Free Quote

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