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Restaurant Maintenance

Service Anywhere is among the nation's leading restaurant maintenance companies. We are meticulous in restaurant maintenance so you can focus on what you do best...running your business. While restaurant maintenance is critical to the success of your business, with service anywhere you don't have to handle it by yourself. We take care of important maintenance flawlessly so it is one less thing you have to worry about.

Your One Stop Restaurant Maintenance Source

Our restaurant maintenance customers appreciate that they can make one phone call and get any restaurant maintenance service needed. We are experts at everything from roofing to plumbing and all restaurant maintenance services in between. Restaurant owners simply don't have the time to keep track of a dozen different suppliers for all required. We are the go-to company that is ready with one-call service to handle any restaurant maintenance services you require.

Full Service Inside and Out

With our experience and resources, Service Anywhere is ideally suited to handle all restaurant maintenance services for all aspects of your building and equipment. Our services include painting, building repairs, electrical, HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, cleaning and maintaining the all important ice machines. In fact, it is difficult to find a service that we can't handle. If your oven goes out or your toilets back up, it's just one call to Service Anywhere and your problem is solved!

We've designed our services to be flexible and affordable. Years of experience has taught us that each restaurant maintenance client has its own systems in place that make it successful. We are adept at delivering our restaurant maintenance services in a manner that works for you. From our schedule to invoicing, it's all about making things easier for you. Simply let us know what you need and it would be our great pleasure to make that happen for you!

Expertise Nationwide

Our extensive network of restaurant maintenance professionals make it easy for you to contract our services for one location or a chain of restaurants across the country. We are one of the few facility maintenance companies with the reach and resources to deliver on this promise. Our clients appreciate that they can select one source for restaurant maintenance and have it cover all of their properties regardless of their size or location. Make restaurant maintenance simple and easy by contacting Service Anywhere today.

Repair and Preventive Maintenance

Your ovens, fryers and stoves get a heavy workout every day. A significant advantage of using Service Anywhere is our preventive maintenance. You can't afford to have an oven or fryer failure during rush periods. We take great care in our regular inspections to make sure everything is working properly. We also make provisions for either stocking critical parts or ensuring rapid supply from local distributors to make sure that if a critical part fails, we have a replacement part and installation expert on hand when needed. Downtime is expensive. We keep it to an absolute minimum.

In addition to expert restaurant maintenance, we are also highly experienced and qualified to handle remodeling and painting projects of any size. We can give the exterior or interior of your restaurant a fresh new look or completely remodel the dining room. We have construction and design professionals on hand ready to assist you with any project regardless of its size, complexity or location.

Documentation and Warranty Tracking

An important part of our restaurant maintenance services is careful documentation of services and warranty information. We start with a detailed maintenance calendar to schedule proper intervals for cleaning and servicing all important components of your equipment and buildings. Items like filters, refrigerator coils, drains and thermostats that require cleaning, replacement or calibration for peak efficiency and performance, are entered into the calendar and the maintenance is recorded. Every time equipment or parts are installed that carry a warranty the paperwork is filed per the manufacturers requirements and the backup documents are stored and recorded in our database. This allows us to track the equipment and parts and make sure that should a failure occur we take advantage of replacement or repair guarantees stipulated. In this manner we help you save money by not paying for a covered repair by mistake.

Quality Control

In order to deliver the finest in restaurant maintenance across the country we have developed a detailed quality control system to ensure that our work meets both your standards and ours. We have dedicated team captains that make regular inspections and hold regular reviews, sometimes as often a weekly, to discuss issues and make sure the work is performed to established standards. As we mentioned earlier, we know your needs are unique and we put the systems and teams in place to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Our top priority is always making sure that you are thrilled with our work. We want to handle your restaurant maintenance in a seamless way so that you hardly notice we are there and yet everything runs smoothly and at peak efficiency. And when a part fails, as they always do at some point, we are right there when you need us to make the repair and restore your operation to normal. Get A Free Quote

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