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Property Maintenance

At Service Anywhere we have been earning the property maintenance business of our nationwide clients since 1984. We appreciate the trust and confidence they show in us and our work. We can handle any size property maintenance work at any location across the country. Our focus is on making our clients thrilled with our property maintenance services. The complete satisfaction of our customers is our purpose and goal for every facility maintenance project we handle.

Expert Skills

We pride ourselves on the skill level and experience of our project managers and technicians. Our employees undergo extensive training and mentoring to make sure that their property maintenance work is of the highest standards. Whether its cleaning, construction, power washing, painting, concrete repair, HVAC maintenance or any of our dozens of property maintenance services, our staff and management team are able to handle the work.

All Property Types Serviced

Our property maintenance skills extend across the country and cover a wide variety of property types. We handle commercial or residential real estate portfolios of all sizes and locations. Your tenants will appreciate the fast and expert care they receive from our team and you benefit from overall cost savings. Plus you don't have to deal with the employee issues of supporting your property maintenance with our own staff. We do it all. Just call the property maintenance professionals at Service Anywhere.

Reduced Costs and Administrative Ease

One of the important keys to keeping your buildings leased is the quality and care of your facility maintenance. Consistent upkeep is critical to making the property look great and reducing overall maintenance costs. Integrating all of your property maintenance needs with Service Anywhere means that you get the most cost savings possible and a dedicated contractor that understands not only your property maintenance needs but also your accounting an billing requirements. We give you the best of both worlds. We will take care of physical part of your property while also making the administrative side as simple as possible.

Specialized Skills

Our specialty is handling the day-to-day issues that come up in any building. Water pipes, furnaces, landscaping, electrical, parking, and windows all need regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking good. Smaller jobs like these are not a top priority with construction companies and some specialty contractors. However, with Service Anywhere your priorities are the only things on our to do list! We are always there when you need us with prompt and professional facility maintenance service.

Service Options to Meet Your Needs

Good property maintenance is essential to retaining tenants. Plus, it is so much easier and cheaper to retain a tenant then it is to try to attract a new one. We offer a large selection of property maintenance options specifically designed for your properties. While it is often cheaper to set up an ongoing property maintenance agreement we can also respond to individual requests when needed. You can submit these requests through the phone, fax or email, whatever is most convenient for you. Our team is always ready to take your call and spring into action.

Cost Savings

Keep in mind that our property maintenance services are centered around saving you both time and money. We do this by applying all of the techniques we have learned over the years and making the most of our extensive network of contractors and technicians across the county. For larger projects, we know the contractors that give us the best price for high quality work. Just like us, they specialize in on time and on budget performance.

Long Term Focus

Part of our service recommendations include regular inspections of your facilities. By making these inspections part of our regular property maintenance we can identify problems while they are small are relatively inexpensive to repair. If these items are neglected they can grow into major problems with significant investments required to repair them. Preventative maintenance reduces these unexpected costs and saves money in the long run. We always work to protect your properties and enhance their value for the long term.

Comprehensive Services

Service Anywhere provides comprehensive services for facility maintenance clients of all types and sizes. Our size and scope means that there are few facility types that can't benefit from our services. We can handle all work from enhancing curb appeal with painting and landscaping and making sure your buildings operate efficiently by servicing your HVAC systems and boilers. We want to save you money on your property maintenance and also reduce your overall facility maintenance budget in the process.

For the best in facilities maintenance, call the property maintenance experts at Service Anywhere.

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