Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance
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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a critical part of any facility maintenance program. At Service Anywhere we take preventive maintenance very seriously. We work closely with your facility manager to make sure we understand your maintenance policy and we recommend preventive maintenance steps that comply with your specific requirements.


Our customers enjoy the peace of mind in knowing their critical equipment is well-maintained for optimum performance. Our preventive maintenance programs ensure top performance that saves you money with higher efficiencies and most importantly, extended service life. We all know that breakdowns come at the most inopportune times. A quality preventative maintenance program from Service Anywhere means your equipment is much less-likely to require an expensive emergency service call than poorly maintained equipment.

Our preventive maintenance team will work closely with you to plan a maintenance strategy and checklist to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction. Our goal is to expertly handle your preventive maintenance while staying flexible to allow for any issues that present themselves at your facilities.

Experienced Professionals

At Service Anywhere we draw from a broad and extensive background in preventive maintenance. We look to OEM recommendations, building code requirements, any applicable legislation and combine all of this with our expert staff opinions. In most cases we have performed preventive maintenance on similar equipment over the years we have a well-documented track record of maintenance issues.

Balancing Costs

Since our purpose is to keep your equipment running at peak performance while keeping your expenses to a minimum, we are careful to balance when preventive maintenance should be performed relative to its cost. We always have your bottom line in mind. We replace or overhaul parts and replace filters and other components when it makes the most sense. We want to stretch your maintenance dollars so you get the most for your investment. We also want to avoid costly equipment failures. We are adept at managing these conflicting preventive maintenance goals.

We want to help you avoid or at least mitigate the costs and consequences of equipment failure at your facilities. First and foremost we attempt to prevent failure before it occurs which is the essence of preventive maintenance. We use a combination of planned maintenance and conditional maintenance to reach these objectives. We want to restore equipment reliability and efficiency by replacing worn or damaged parts before they actually fail. To do this we either stock the critical parts when it is cost-effective to do so, or we make arrangements with key suppliers to assure that we can get the parts when we need them.

Warranty and Service Records

Our preventive maintenance includes keeping detailed records of partial or complete overhauls as well as regular replacement of filters, oil changes and the like. When these routine items are replaced we carefully test and inspect the equipment for any signs of deterioration. This helps forecast when more extensive repairs or even replacement may be needed. This is often a cost saving measure because replacements or major overhauls can be scheduled for non-peak times when better rates are often available.

Wide Variety of Preventive Maintenance

While preventive maintenance is closely associated with HVAC and motors, we also perform preventive maintenance for a variety of systems. These include, but are not limited to: water treatment facilities, walk-in coolers and freezers, ice machines, elevators, plumbing and electrical systems, and many more. As we perform our regular duties at your facilities, our technicians are trained to look for and report problem areas that may arise. Everything from loose tiles to sticky doors and windows gets reported in order to get it repaired. Our preventive maintenance programs are intended to deliver a well thought out approach to every maintenance need you have.

Keeping You Informed and Protected

We pride ourselves in our documentation and communication practices as well. This allows us to always know exactly when a specific maintenance item or warranty work was performed. It allows you, the facility manager, to have all the relevant information and recommendations for your building to make it easier to plan system updates, overhauls, renovations or replacements.

We have a strict "no surprises" policy. We don't want our valuable customers to be caught off-guard if there is a serious maintenance issue looming. We function as your preventive maintenance partner and as such, keep you well-informed of the condition of your buildings and its systems.

Nationwide Service With Free Estimates

For the finest in preventive maintenance and all facility maintenance contact Service Anywhere. Just like our name implies, we work nationwide to make facility maintenance one thing our clients never have to worry about. Grab the phone and give us a call. We will be happy to talk to you and provide a free estimate for our services.

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