Nationwide Maintenance

Nationwide Maintenance

Nationwide Maintenance

Service Anywhere is a nationwide maintenance firm with the reach and resources for a wide variety property maintenance services. And just as our name promises, we can expertly deliver these services anywhere in the nation. We have been providing our nationwide maintenance clients with unsurpassed service since 1984. Whether your needs center around commercial maintenance, retail maintenance or even grounds keeping and insurance work, Service Anywhere is the nationwide maintenance company ready and able to do the work.

Contracting with Service Anywhere allows our client companies to outsource as much, or as little, of their facility maintenance as they desire. Our nationwide maintenance services are economical because our maintenance contractors are only paid while they are working for you. These and other efficiencies make our nationwide maintenance services practical and cost-effective. You see, you get the benefit of experts in nationwide maintenance just when you need them. You save the hassle and expense of increasing your payroll and managing employees. With our nationwide maintenance program you get all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

Save Time and Money

Our clients benefit from our expertise in maintenance management, expert skill sets for the work we are hired for and solid preventative maintenance practices. We have facility maintenance dialed in to a fine science. We are dedicated to helping you protect your investment and work very hard to make sure we use resources effectively and at the lowest cost.

Our nationwide maintenance services are designed to save our clients both time and money. Our services allow you to focus on what you do best and outsource non-core services to us. This brings nationwide maintenance experts on the scene to perform these maintenance functions and gives you one less thing to worry about during your busy day.

Professionalism and Quality

Nationwide maintenance is what we do. It is our core business and as such, we are experts in the care and maintenance of a wide variety of facility types. We perform nationwide maintenance for properties such as retail stores, shopping malls, auto dealers, furniture and flooring stores and many others. Our services include work for apartment complexes, university dorms and cafeterias, senior living homes, nursing homes and hospitals. We can service any building at any nationwide location.

It is our nationwide reach that makes our facility maintenance services ideal for companies with many facilities across the nation. Whether it’s a chain of retail stores or apartment complexes, we have the crews and expertise to handle the nationwide maintenance of every facility in your portfolio. This has the added benefit of using one provider that is committed to performing the highest level nationwide maintenance and finding ways to make our services the most cost-effective available.

It would take an extravagant investment in equipment and personnel training for our customers to provide the same level of service with their in-house resources. Our nationwide maintenance customers benefit from the expertise gained over nearly thirty years in the business and working for hundreds of different company types. Skills and technologies developed for one industry often translate to cost-savings we can offer to other clients. These economies of scale have kept our nationwide maintenance services in high demand, and our business growing for many years.

Customer Care

At Service Anywhere we understand the importance of the appearance of your buildings. And while we make sure that your floors, restrooms, windows, walls and other areas are spotless, we are also taking care of important plumbing, drains, filters and other mechanical maintenance that you don’t’ see, but will cause big problems if not properly maintained. Our preventative maintenance programs are every bit as important as our cleaning services. We are focused on the overall health of your buildings and making sure the property is well-maintained to provide you the lowest operating costs.

Useful Life

Every building has a projected live span. Our purpose is to extend the useful life of your buildings as a whole and the individual components that it is comprised of. Our excellent care of your floors with proper cleaning, waxing and timely repairs can save you money by replacing it less often. Plus, the nicer appearance is a benefit in itself. Keeping windows and blinds clean and maintaining moving parts extends their life and makes your rooms look bright and sharp.

Custom Solutions

At Service Anywhere we custom design our nationwide maintenance services for your specific needs. In our initial assessment we will meet with you and your team and discuss the areas that you want us to maintain. Our expert team will then carefully evaluate the work you specified and develop a nationwide maintenance plan that meets those needs for the lowest possible cost.

For the finest in nationwide maintenance call the professionals at Service Anywhere for a free estimate.

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