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Service Anywhere is the go-to maintenance contractor you want as your facility maintenance partner. We are committed to providing the best and most comprehensive maintenance contractor service in the industry. Regardless of the size, location or number of facilities in your portfolio, we are the experienced maintenance contractor that can and will deliver the best performance at the best value.

We Know Customers Needs

We know what our customers need from their maintenance contractor. They need outstanding quality and attention to detail. They need a maintenance contractor that is on their side and dedicated to reducing their overall costs of facility maintenance. They need fast and easy access to experienced professionals that can answer questions and get the job done in an emergency situation. Finally, they need a maintenance contractor that is there, day in and day out, taking care of the work without any hassle or employee problems. In short, they need Service Anywhere.

One Point of Contact

Our business is set up so you have a single point-of-contact for all the buildings in your portfolio regardless of their location. Our reach extends from coast to coast and we are very proud of the quality of our technicians and our project management team. We offer a broad range of experience and expertise in facility maintenance that includes commercial, industrial and retail maintenance along with property management.

Extensive Experience

The maintenance contractor experience of Service Anywhere includes handyman, HVAC-R, electrical, plumbing, commercial painting and more. One major advantage of using Service Anywhere is that we are able to combine services and offer significant savings to our customers. You can of course choose any of our services individually, but many customers choose us for several services and enjoy some serious cost savings in the process. How serious? Just give us a call and we would be happy to explain all the specifics of our maintenance contractor services.

Coordinating All Tasks

When you combine our services everything is integrated and managed from one master plan. It is easy for us to coordinate work in all areas of your facilities and avoid scheduling conflicts. When separate companies are used it is not all that uncommon for exterior painting to be scheduled at the same time as landscape work that poses a safety threat to both crews. We avoid these by carefully coordinating all tasks for you.


Safety concerns are always a top concern at Service Anywhere. Our maintenance contractors are well-trained and experienced on every piece of equipment used at your facilities. Our crews have "been there, done that" and know the risks when shortcuts are taken. Our guys trained to take every safety precaution and they know our supervisors will not tolerate any skimping on safety measures. We comply with all OSHA regulations and keep every piece of equipment in top working order.

Reducing Your Costs

The main reason to outsource and hire a maintenance contractor rather than do the work with your own employees is cost savings. Outsourcing this work to us allows you to focus on your core business rather than have to deal with a wide variety of maintenance and employee issues on a daily basis. We function as your maintenance partner with the goal of reducing overall costs, improving service and increasing overall quality. We are dedicated to offering our services at a competitive price and always finding ways to help you reduce your maintenance expenses.

Cost Saving Measures

We can reduce overall costs by applying all the cost saving measures we've developed in our nearly 30 years in business. Since we maintain thousands of buildings across the nation, we stay up on all the latest cost-saving technologies and systems. The trend in just about every business is "doing more with less" and it is no different in the maintenance contractor world. We work very hard to find the most cost-efficient methods to do our work. At the same time, we don't sacrifice quality in the process. High quality and cost savings are the combination that keeps Service Anywhere in such high demand.

Simplify Your Life

Hiring Service Anywhere as your maintenance contractor simplifies your life. We work closely with your management team and deliver timely reporting along with outstanding performance. We keep you apprised of our work and identify trouble spots that could be expensive repairs down the road. We go the extra mile to do the work needed and also keep you informed every step of the way. In addition to a simpler life, you will improve your bottom line because our maintenance contractor services save you money and time. Leave the maintenance to us, and take care of what you do best...running your company.

For the best maintenance contractor, call the experts at Service Anywhere.

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