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Hiring a contractor for insurance work can be a confusing frustrating process. Not only do you have the stress and pressure of locating a company that is qualified to do insurance work, but you have the added problems of tenant issues during the repairs. Service Anywhere is the company that is there for you during these tough times. We take care of the insurance work quickly and efficiently so you can return to normal operations.

Repairs for the long term

Insurance work has both short and long term issues to be resolved. The decisions you make often affect your properties for years to come so it is important to choose a qualified contractor for insurance work. Selecting Service Anywhere means that you have a qualified contractor regardless of the location of the insurance work. We perform insurance work across the country making it very easy for our customers to resolve problems no matter where they occur.

Working with your insurance company

At Service Anywhere we are adept at working with insurance companies to ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly and on time. We comply with their requirements for documentation, inspections, draws and all the other issues that come with insurance work. Paperwork is something you don't have to be concerned with when you hire Service Anywhere. We take care of it for you.

There is a good chance that we are already on your insurance providers' approved contractor list. However if we are not, just give us a call and we can start the paperwork process to submit our credentials and maybe even start the claim. We are always happy to provide fast and free estimates for insurance work.

Your rights

Paying your policy premiums over the years means that you have the right to be compensated according to the terms of your policy for property damage. This also includes steps to safeguard your property after a loss. This would be boarding windows or putting tarps over damaged roofs until adequate repairs can be made. Service Anywhere is qualified for all types of insurance work so you don't have to settle for a contractor that is not fully qualified or find a new contractor in each market you do business. We are the nationwide contractor that will warrantee the work and we have an outstanding reputation for insurance work across the country.

Rates and quality

Insurance companies do not require you to select the cheapest vendor. Our rates are always very competitive across the nation. We provide detailed estimates that cover the scope of work, time to completion and allow for hidden problems that are only seen once the repair work starts. We are always careful to select materials equivalent to your existing structures. We comply with all federal, state and local codes and requirements. We can provide copies of our licenses and credentials along with references from past customers we have helped with insurance work.

Supporting your business

Should any issues arise with the insurance company not paying all that you feel they should for your insurance work we will help you hold them accountable to live up to their obligations under the terms of your policy. We understand the inner workings of insurance companies and we can help ensure that they pay all they should toward your covered losses.

Types of service work

One of the more common issues we deal with for insurance work is water damage. Water damage from a leaky roof, pipes or basement flooding can cause serious damage in both the short and long term. Water damage often compounds over time. People are often amazed at just how much water drywall, carpets and wood can absorb. The longer the problem goes unresolved, the more likely that the damage will be more extensive.

Water damage

Water damage must be dealt with properly or you will likely have mold issues in the future. In addition there are potential structural problems from swelling lumber that could cause floors and walls to warp. This is serious damage and often quite expensive. Our experiences makes us the ideal company to remedy these problems.

Other damage

In addition to water damage we can handle any property damage to your buildings. Severe weather, impact, fire, vandalism, electrical or any mechanical or other problems are all well within our area of expertise. We provide cost-effective solutions that stand the test of time. You can always feel confident in your choice of Service Anywhere for insurance work across the country. Call the pros at Service Anywhere and see just how much having a true professional on the job can help. We look forward to talking to you.

For the best in insurance work, call the insurance work experts at Service Anywhere.

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