Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance

Service Anywhere is a national industrial maintenance contractor serving the industrial maintenance needs of America's industries since 1984. We are a full service industrial maintenance company that can assist you with a 45,000 square foot facility in Michigan or two dozen facilities across the nation. We are the one-stop-shop for all your industrial maintenance and other facility maintenance needs.

A Reputation for Quality

Our reputation is established on our quality and ability to meet deadlines. Whether you need anything from carpentry to cleaning or painting to HVAC maintenance and repair, we are the industrial maintenance team you want handling all of your facility maintenance. You will notice the difference in our services compared to other industrial maintenance companies. Our entire team of project managers, supervisors and field technicians are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Every job is tailored to your exact needs and specifications. Our dedicated team captains ensure that we are performing exactly the way you want.

Warranty and Records Maintenance

We back up our claims of superior industrial maintenance with our certified warranty. Once completed, all materials and labor are warranted and carefully documented. We keep track of these important records in our secure database. This is a powerful tool that makes it possible to research and track all warranted work within your facilities across the country. You can even use our system to monitor service work performed by other contractors in the past. This service is invaluable to our customers as it helps them put important warranty information at their fingertips.

Extensive Experience

Our industrial maintenance experience means there is little chance that you will have a facility maintenance need that we have not serviced in the past. Our industrial maintenance customers appreciate that we can handle all the work we contract for plus those "unique" maintenance items that come up from time to time. We offer nationwide industrial maintenance that covers everything from the most basic services to construction, abrasive blasting, graffiti removal and the care and maintenance of landscaping, building exteriors, plumbing, electrical and much more. In fact, our industrial maintenance services cover so many areas that it is sometimes hard to find something we have not done!

Nationwide Facility Maintenance

Our facility maintenance customers across the country appreciate that we bring our expertise to all of their facilities. Having one go-to company for all of their industrial maintenance makes it easy for them to implement new maintenance requirements nationwide with one phone call. Plus, we have all records stored in one convenient location. On the accounting side, since we understand your systems and needs it makes it easy for us to adapt to your systems to ease the flow of paperwork throughout the system.

Expert Cleaning

First impressions are important when you are bringing potential customers to the plant. Our industrial maintenance includes cleaning any surface that is stained from grease, plant emissions, rain runoff and spray from your factory or nearby facilities. We like knowing that our cleaning is not only improving the appearance of your properties, but maintaining their value as well. We use a variety of methods to clean these surfaces. High and low pressure water is the most common and cost-effective in most cases. However sandblasting and other techniques are available when needed. There is nothing quite like a good cleaning to make your buildings look great.

Environmental Sensitivity

Protecting the environment during our industrial maintenance is important as well. We follow all federal, state and local regulations and laws for all of our cleaning practices. We do this not only to avoid hefty fines but we happen to like our communities and environment clean. It is simply the right thing to do.

Preventive Maintenance

Our expertise extends to preventative maintenance of your HVAC and boiler systems. Our services prolong equipment life and help avoid emergency call outs that are very expensive. We check for daily wear and tear and perform all of the recommended maintenance to keep it running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Excellent Communications

It really does not matter how simple or complicated your systems are. Our team is very experienced and we can handle just about any equipment type or size. We make sure we inform you of any issues that may cause problems down the road. Our customers appreciate a well-informed "heads up" that an expensive piece of equipment will need to be replaced over the next year or two. It helps them plan for the capital expenditure and not be caught off guard. If this is the type of customer service you want from your industrial maintenance supplier just grab the phone and call Services Anywhere. You will get courteous service and a free estimate for the work.

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