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HVAC-R Maintenance

Proper HVAC maintenance is critical to the health of your building. Partnering with Service Anywhere for your HVAC maintenance is the best way to make sure that your heating and air conditioning systems are always operating at peak performance. Maintenance of HVAC systems is one of our specialties and our clients have trusted us since 1984. Retail stores, restaurants, banks, office buildings, hospitals, institutions, schools, manufacturing operations and a wide variety of other commercial and industrial facility managers depend on Service Anywhere for nationwide HVAC maintenance.

At Service Anywhere we can do it all on a nationwide scale. We can handle all of your HVAC needs from maintenance, to installation, to energy audits and equipment replacement. We are your full service choice for HVAC maintenance. This means that you just have one place to call for any need that arises. You have the dedicated professionals that understand your building and its systems on hand to take care of the regular maintenance as well as any emergency situations that arise.

Commercial and industrial buildings are a lot like people. While they are all similar, no two are exactly alike. We take the time to learn the details of your HVAC maintenance needs and custom design a program of both standard maintenance and preventive maintenance to keep your systems operating properly.

Cost Savings

In addition to improving indoor air quality, proper maintenance also leads to cost savings as well. Well maintained systems can lower utility costs, increase the service life of your HVAC systems and therefore lower your overall costs of building operations. Plus, since we report in detail on the status of your systems, we will advise of when major repairs or replacements are necessary so you are not surprised by large, unplanned expenses. Our services keep you well-informed on the health of your HVAC systems so you are always in complete control.

Experienced Staff

Our well-qualified and experienced HVAC maintenance professionals have installed and serviced HVAC systems of all types and sizes all across the nation. We can maintain and service just about any brand of system and keep it maintained to the exact manufactures specifications as well as keep it within warranty requirements. For the best in HVAC maintenance anywhere in the country call Service Anywhere today.

Nationwide Service

Our nationwide HVAC maintenance services are available where you are. We are an especially valuable asset to our clients with a portfolio of properties numbering in the thousands, all across the country. This dramatically simplifies the life of our customers by saving them the time and hassle of finding and vetting HVAC maintenance contractors in many different parts of the country. This is a tremendous advantage in the field as well as in the administrative office. We customize your billing to your specific needs and bill your individual properties or your corporate headquarters. It's completely up to you.

Expert HVAC Systems Care

Our knowledgeable technicians and project managers will carefully examine your systems and recommend an HVAC maintenance program that is just right for your building. We take care of all the regular HVAC maintenance areas such as changing filters and ensuring that the most cost-effective filters are used. We install high-quality filters to keep your equipment running efficiently and your indoor air clean. Depending on the purpose of your building (office space or manufacturing for example) filters may need to be changed as often as monthly.

We take this same care with maintaining evaporator and condenser coils. After cleaning we treat with anti microbial solution to fight mold and fungus. Mold and fungus can be an exceptionally difficult maintenance issue in many climates. We are experts and servicing and treating for these issues to keep your systems operating smoothly and saving energy. Our care also extends to the entire air handler and we treat to keep it clear of mold and fungus as well.

We carefully inspect the areas around your air intakes to make sure the environment is free from factors that can help fuel mold growth. We inspect the cabinet and supply ducts and make any needed repairs. Even a tiny space or crack can be a detriment to efficiency. We inspect, clean and lubricate dampers for maximum efficiency. Fans, and belts are also inspected, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted as needed and replaced when recommend by the manufacturer.

Detailed HVAC Maintenance Records

Record keeping and retrieval is a part of our facility maintenance services that make life easier for facility mangers when something goes wrong. We keep careful records of every issue, installation and warranty item so you are never paying for a covered repair or replacement. You will always know when warranties are ready to expire and exactly when every step of service was performed.

Customer Service and Free Estimates

HVAC maintenance is a competitive business and to survive and thrive you have to take excellent care of customers. We encourage you to contact us for a list of our satisfied customers so you can hear first hand of how we partner with our customers. We are dedicated to the peace of mind of our client facility managers across the nation. Our purpose is to help your buildings operate at peak performance for the lowest operating costs. Call us today for a free estimate.

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