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At Service Anywhere and our Commercial Landscaping Division, Glorious Gardens we take care of the groundskeeping needs of retail, commercial and industrial properties of all sizes and at any location in the country. Our groundskeeping professionals have years of experience and understand how to make your grounds look great in every season. For the nationwide leader in facility maintenance including groundskeeping call the experts at Service Anywhere.

Show a Positive Corporate Image

We have been serving the groundskeeping needs of our clients since 1984. We make sure your property reflects the corporate image you want to project. We take care of grass cutting, mulching, maintaining trees and shrubs, installing hardscapes, servicing outdoor lighting, irrigation and much more. We are a best in class groundskeeping contractor, servicing multi-state, multi-site clientel for over 25 years!

Groundskeeping Services

We take great pride in the quality of our groundskeeping team and our ability to do everything from landscape design to ongoing maintenance. We have all the experience and credentials needed to keep your grounds in top condition throughout the seasons. Our commercial groundskeeping services include complete mulching, planting and maintenance of flower beds throughout your properties. We make sure that all flowering plants and trees are expertly pruned and trimmed for the maximum bloom and healthy, uniform growth. Groundskeeping services are one less thing you have to be concerned with once your hire Service Anywhere.

Groundskeeping on Your Schedule

Or groundskeeping services are available in a variety of ways. We of course do weekly lawn and grounds maintenance that includes cutting, edging, mulching, blowing, fertilizing and weeding. You can also hire us for "one time" groundskeeping services such as a major overhaul of your landscaping or preparation for building construction. Regardless of the size or scope of the job, we have the team in place to make it work.

Environmental Responsibility

We are always cautious and careful of the environment and practice responsible groundskeeping. We use pesticides and fertilizers in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and strive to use organic products when available and practical. We keep a watchful eye on your irrigation and drainage systems to make sure everything is functioning properly and groundwater is drained to the proper areas.

Wide Variety of Services

We have the capability to install and service brick, stone and other pavers along with just about any hardscapes on your property. This includes sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, ponds and benches. Our expert design capabilities can bring your grounds to life. You will find that discussing your needs and ideas with our designers is both refreshing and rewarding. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Seasonal Services

Our services change with the seasons. Our custom groundskeeping services are ready to move with your from spring and summer planting and maintenance to fall leaf clean up and pruning to winter snow and ice removal. Our customers appreciate that we can handle all aspects of their groundskeeping needs. We strive to be both affordable and convenient by offering such a wide variety services.

Consultation and Design

Part of our groundskeeping service is consultation on what trees, shrubs and grasses will perform best in your climate and soil conditions. We consistently make recommendations to our customers on what trees and shrubs are best suited for their needs. Whether you are looking for shade, color, low maintenance or something truly unique and special, our groundskeeping experts can make it happen for you. It's comforting to have the groundskeeping pros working for you that know how to make your landscaping look good now and also manage it for future growth so it always looks good. It is our job to understand the care and space required for your trees and shrubs. We make recommendations for plantings that will look great and keep your costs of maintenance in line with your budget.

Over the years we have found that most industrial and commercial landscapes are good for 10 to 12 years. After that time it takes more extensive work to make your grounds look fresh and current. Plants simply grow too large to fit well in the available space. We can completely renovate your outdoor space by removing most of your landscaping and starting fresh. It's rare that everything has to go and we can work with the best of your existing plantings and still give you a fresh look.

Snow and Ice

Of course our groundskeeping services include snow management and ice removal and prevention. As foul weather approaches we treat your walkways and parking lots with ice melting products to protect your employees and customers from slipping. We also make sure that your customers have full access to your buildings.

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