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Commercial Painting
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Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is an important aspect of facility maintenance. The clients of Service Anywhere appreciate that we have such a broad base of experience and skills and can handle commercial painting along with our other facility maintenance work. As with all of our facility maintenance jobs, we take pride in the quality of our commercial painting and commitment to excellence. For the best in facility maintenance, including commercial painting, look no further than the professionals at Service Anywhere.

Any Building, Any Size

For commercial painting we can paint any sized building anywhere in the country. Whether you have a chain of restaurants across the country or a single retail store in New Orleans or New Hampshire, we are the commercial painting contractor that is ideally suited for the work. We are a careful commercial painter with the reach and resources to accommodate a wide variety of projects.

Accurate Estimates

To get our commercial painting started we begin with an accurate estimate of the work. The quality of our estimating allows us to order the right amount of materials and make sure that the right equipment in on site when the work begins. With Service Anywhere there are no surprise. We don't "forget" to include a key item and then add this on to our invoice. When we estimate a job you can bet that careful planning and thought went into it. Our customers trust us to be accurate, fair and deliver the highest quality work. It is our expressed purpose not to let them down.

Color Consultation

Our commercial painting includes consultation on the best combinations of colors and textures to help your buildings create the ambiance you desire. Our decorating professionals will work with you or your architects. We will advise you on the best type of paints for the surfaces you want painted; paints that look great and stand the test of time.

Top Quality Paints

For commercial painting we choose primers and paints from only the leading paint manufacturers. We have found over the years that the problems cheap paints cause in application time, durability and quality are simply not worth the lower price. It is cheaper in the long run, and often even in the short term, to use quality paints for commercial painting projects.

Expert Cleaning Services

Facility maintenance from Service Anywhere includes painting the interiors and exteriors of your commercial or industrial buildings. We have the expert cleaning crews to prepare all surfaces for painting. We often start with power washing to clean the exteriors. If needed, we use more aggressive techniques of sandblasting and other abrasive blasting techniques. Our teams are experienced and do a fantastic job of preparing every surface.

Painting Includes

Our commercial painting includes the walls, floors and ceilings of your properties. While the interior wall preparation is sometimes different from the exterior, our crews are very skilled and able to handle the work. We are careful to mask surfaces, and move or thoroughly cover equipment, fixtures, furniture or merchandise to protect it from cleaning debris. We install temporary barriers, tarps and heavy mill plastic to keep things protected and everyone safe.


Safety is a critical part of all our work and it is no less important with commercial painting. We go to great lengths to train and certify all our technicians on the equipment they use. Commercial painting often involves painting at very high levels to reach ceilings and walls. Our team is experienced and careful with the scaffolds, platforms and lifts used to paint these high areas. There is no substitute for experience when safety is involved.

Of course, safety extends to your employees, customers or residents as the case may be. We hold detailed safety meetings with your management team and your employees to review important safety issues. We install temporary barriers to direct traffic as needed and do everything possible to keep everyone safe. We have an excellent safety record because of the time and effort we put into it.

Facility maintenance is difficult to manage efficiently. We understand this and go to great lengths to make your life as a facility manager easier. We are a 24/7 operation and do our commercial painting when it causes the least disruption to your daily operations. We often paint in the evenings when store traffic is at its lowest.

We're sure you have questions and concerns about commercial painting. We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your specific needs in detail. We are quite confident that we can answer your questions and give you peace of mind for your next commercial painting project.

For the best in commercial painting, call the commercial painting experts at Service Anywhere.

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