Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance

Our commercial maintenance is designed, implemented and performed by well-qualified staff and experienced managers. Service Anywhere can create a custom commercial maintenance program to handle any commercial property anywhere in the country. For the finest in commercial maintenance call the professionals at Service Anywhere.

Facility Maintenance

The long term health of your buildings and their components depends on quality commercial maintenance from a qualified contractor like Service Anywhere. We will carefully plan the care and maintenance of a wide selection of interior and exterior commercial maintenance services. Commercial maintenance related to your floors, restrooms, ceilings, lighting, plumbing, mechanical systems, landscaping, parking lots and dozens of other important areas are all part of our extensive service list.

Quality in commercial maintenance is never compromised at Service Anywhere. Our business has grown steadily since its inception in 1984. We believe it is a direct result of our attention to customer service, delivering value for every dollar we bill and always being there when our customers need us.

Cost-Effective Facility Maintenance

Our goal is to lower the cost of building operations. We do this through careful planning and attention to detail. We know commercial maintenance inside and out. We are careful to perform required maintenance in only the most cost-effective manner. Our crews are well trained and equipped for anything that comes their way. So whether it's the carpets or the chandeliers, we are the company that is able to do it all.

We are the ones that obsess over the most cost-effective ways to clean and wax floors. We know the latest technologies for carpet cleaning and wall washing. This is our core business and because we do it so well, you can save money and extend the life of your buildings by partnering with us for your commercial maintenance needs.

We know that getting tenants is tough. In many markets there is a glut of available properties and it can get very competitive. Service Anywhere strives to put you at a competitive advantage by lowering the overall costs of commercial maintenance for your entire portfolio. We extend the life of your buildings and systems by making sure everything is properly maintained.

Asset Preservation

We understand that we are in the "asset preservation" business. We make your buildings look great and function properly so that you can keep them occupied. You have enough to do with leasing your commercial properties or operating your retail establishments; Service Anywhere takes commercial maintenance off your plate so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Maintenance and Replacement Forecasts

We are careful to document and report to you on commercial maintenance schedules and the work performed. We forecast maintenance needs to help you plan for capital expenditures when it becomes more cost effective to replace a system or piece of equipment rather than continuing to repair it. We view our role as your eyes and ears to the needs of your building. We keep you informed so you have the information you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Professional and Responsive

Responsive commercial maintenance from the pros at Service Anywhere is attractive to potential and existing tenants. When you are negotiating lease renewals it is one more thing in your favor to have excellent commercial maintenance records and quality service on your side. Our maintenance team comes into direct contact with your tenants on a regular basis. The fact that we are professional and uniformed helps make your job a little easier.

HVAC Maintenance

Having Service Anywhere properly maintain your heating and air conditioning systems keeps them running at peak performance. This makes your tenants happy because they are more comfortable in their space and it saves you money because your systems run more efficiently. We are highly focused on helping your building run smoothly and extending the useful life of your systems.

Preventive Maintenance

Although maintenance costs can be a large share of your operating budget, this expense can be reduced with careful and comprehensive commercial maintenance planning and execution by the experts at Service Anywhere. We understand the subtle nuances of knowing when to replace parts and perform scheduled maintenance. Overall value is the key and keeping your costs in check is what we are all about.

Desirable Properties

A well-maintained building not only operates more efficiently, but it is also more desirable to prospective tenants. In many cases occupancy rises relative to other buildings that are less well-maintained than yours. As occupancy rates increase your profits increase and your maintenance costs decline as a percentage of total revenue. Call us today for a free estimate and get the commercial maintenance pros on your side.

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