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Asset Management

Service Anywhere is a leading nationwide asset management firm with comprehensive services designed to save you the time and hassle of handling asset management on your own. Our asset management services are priced right and we handle everything needed to make your life easier as it relates to your real estate. Whether you are a first time investor or have extensive holdings, we are the asset management company you can trust.

Perfect Team

Service Anywhere is the perfect team to manage apartments, condominiums, multiplexes and all types of commercial property. We can even manage a portfolio of single family homes. Our property management experience covers all types of real estate anywhere in the country. We are the qualified experts and as such, provide the most comprehensive property management available. We help you realize the full earning potential of your real estate portfolio without the problems associated with handling property management on your own.

Full service and nationwide

When you need a professional asset management firm that is able to service properties on a nationwide scale, look no further than Service Anywhere. We provide a wide range of services including maintenance and remodeling. Our fee structure is easy to understand and we are very competitively priced.


Why Choose Service Anywhere for your asset management? Lots of reasons! You benefit from our extensive knowledge of fair housing laws across the nation. We are experts in property valuations and can help you get the best returns on your properties. We handle all notices and the legal processes for dealing with tenants that are behind on rent payments. This includes follow through should a tenant need to be evicted to reduce loses. You also benefit from our current and professionally written lease agreements and forms to help minimize your liability.

Putting asset management in the hands of Service Anywhere is often the best decision you can make because one bad decision can be very expensive. Plus, it is difficult to measure the value of the peace of mind you get from hiring Service Anywhere.


What exactly should you be charging to rent your units? This simple question often has a complicated answer. Asset valuation is tricky and understanding markets across the country takes time, experience and dedication. At Service Anywhere we make it our business to study the markets, trends and forecasts to be able to offer advice to our clients on how best to maximize the long term return on their real estate investments. Don't risk it. Just give us a call for a fast and free estimate and take the first step towards easing your asset management worries.

Most Valuable Asset

In most cases your real estate is your most valuable asset. Our years of experience and track record of satisfied asset owners demonstrate that you can trust us for the best in asset management. We have extensive experience in attracting, screening and retaining qualified tenants. Getting the right tenants means your rent payments are collected consistently and there is less likelihood of damage or other asset maintenance issues.


Keeping our clients informed on the status of rents, maintenance and taxes is a critical component to our service. With Service Anywhere asset owners have the ability to check the status of these key areas via our online system anytime of the day or night. Simply knowing what is happening with your properties reduces stress and worry. You are always in control. Communication is also easy via our website, email, phone or fax. We make sure we are available in the manner that is most convenient for you.

Legal Issues

Everyone understands how complicated our legal system is. Laws seem to be always changing and it is difficult to keep up. However, being ignorant of key issues can be very expensive. For this reason we monitor laws related to building codes, tenants rights, asset management laws and other key issues. We do the work and research to keep up with all the important changes that can affect your real estate portfolio.

Choose the best

We're very happy that you are looking closely at our services. The fact that you are reading this shows that you are doing your due diligence in finding a qualified asset management firm. Keep reading and check out our competition. We are confident that once you look at your options and call Service Anywhere, our experience and professionalism will convince you that we are the obvious choice for asset management. Call today for a free estimate for any of our asset management or facility maintenance services nationwide.

For the best in asset management, call the asset management experts at Service Anywhere.

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